About Ralph

Ralph is a world renowned artist that has a unique abstract style that is strikingly unique with his gonzo style. Ralph was born in 1936 in Wallasey Chesire. Ralph attended East Ham Technical College and the London College of Printing.

Ralph has published numerous political satire illustrations and caricatures in publications such as the Rolling Stone, Punch, Private Eye, Scanlans, Running, Kotori Magazine, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, and the New York Times. Ralph's unique style was the focus of the 2014 movie For No Good Reason which was narrated by actor Johnny Depp.

Ralph has won numerous awards for his cartoons and illustrations from books like Alice in Wonderland, I Leonardo, Inspector Mouse and That's My Dad. He has illustrated numerous other books including Animal Far, Treasure Island, The Poor Mouth and Fahrenheit 451 to name a few!

Ralph is very well-known for his longtime partnership with Hunter S. Thompson. Hunter and Ralph famously collaborated on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the Rolling Stone in 1971 in the two issue series in which feature some of Ralph's most iconic illustrations. The story was made into a movie in 1998 starring Johnny Depp and directed by Terry Gilliam. They also famously chronicled the Kentucky Derby for Scanlans.

Other well-known works include the labels for The Flying Dog Brewery, numerous wine labels including the banned Cardinal Zin, album covers for Frank Zappa and the Who and the special edition box set art for the TV series Breaking Bad.

In 2017 Ralph Steadman was named to the Society of illustrators Hall of Fame.